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14 January 2010
Masion et Objet 

We will be attending Masion et Objet in late January. Along with a few old favourites we will be displaying our new products – the full range of Bottle Openers and Money Boxes.

Drop by and see us. 22nd-26th January in the Paris Nord Ville exhibition centre, 40 minutes from Gare du Nord.

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2 November 2009
Vitamin Money Boxes 

Vitamin Money Boxes are now available in four different styles – Blossom, Bones, Floral and our classic Hex design. Look out for their arrival to the on-line store during the week.

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6 October 2009
Honda Indoor Transportation 

24 September 2009
Cord Light 

Everyone is obsessed by hiding their cabling and cords; this is a really nice light by Henning Rekdal Nielsen, Maria Berndtsson, Hans A. Huseklepp and Sebastian Jansson. This collective of designers have thought outside the box and have embraced the cord.

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4 September 2009
Automobile Museum 

This is a building design is the winner of the international invitation competition for the construction of the Automobile Museum in Nanjing, designed by Italy-based architecture studio 3GATTI to explore the relationship between car and museum.

“The building is to be dedicated to the automobile, where the automobile is also the vehicle to visit the space. You visit the first external ramp of the museum with your own private car, like a safari, you park your car on the roof and visit by foot the internal ramp going down.”
Francesco Gatti

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28 August 2009
New Typeface 

Áron Jancsó, freelance graphic designer from Hungary has been working on a new typeface. Displayed here are two letters from a steadily growing alphabet.

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26 August 2009
Drip Table 

Emiliano Godoy recently designed the stunning looking ‘drip table’, which is manufactured by Pirwi + Proteak. The piece is made from many small pieces of FSC certified thinning teak.

‘The idea for the drip table came out of several months of thinking about the manufacturer’s capabilities and looking for a way to express them by showing their virtues. Proteak are converting old farming and grazing grounds, now nutrient depleted and unproductive, into sustainably managed (and FSC certified) teak plantations. When they buy the land, if there’s still some rainforest left they keep it and protect it.’

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25 August 2009
Bird In Flight 

Here we have a beautiful ceramic mug created by Jenny Hager. The mug has been glazed with foodsafe clear glaze. The image is a silhouetted bird, painted in with black underglaze and drawn with an etching tool to reveal the red clay underneath.

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24 August 2009
Stacking Glasses 

Really nice stackable glasses.

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We are happy to announce the arrival of our new Hex plates. Each plate features an intricate hexagon based design that cleverly works its way from the side plate onto the dinner plate, providing an eye-catching and stylish table setting.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or quickly munching down some beans on toast, Vitamins Hex plates will add a touch of class to any meal.

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